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To the Nations

All people, no matter where in our world they are,
need to know the Gospel of Jesus and the love of our Father.
Reaching out to them is our purpose.

CCH is part of this global harvest through our
missionaries and missions partners, particularly in Australia, Asia and Africa. 

As well as the missions listed below, CCH supports works in other parts of the world
which we can't mention here for safety concerns.

Central Australia

Ti Tree

The relationship with the local communities in Ti Tree is under a lot of stress, and has been for several months now. The team will continue to assist with the development of Hannes and Danielle's property as they work towards building it as a ministry centre for the area.

We will be working with the local Aboriginal communities as much as possible, but with the stressed relationships there, it is likely to be limited.

Hannes and Danielle and their ministry in Ti Tree need a lot of prayer and support. Get on board, call the CCH office 9482 2479 or see Kat Morgan for more information. 

If you are interested in going on a trip please call the church office 9482 2479 or see Kat Morgan.



Pune Urban Ministries

CCH supports a number of ministries in the Pune area and has full time Missionaries working with the students and teachers of the Pimpri Slum School, Vadar Ministries and various slum communities.

Vanitashray "Home for Girls"

Vanitashray literally means "Shelter for women". Vanitashray was Founded / Legally registered in 1999 under Bombay Act 1860 by late. Rev Silas Dongardive and wife Mrs. Anupama Dongardive, the present Chairperson /Managing trustee.

Vanitashray’s mission is to provide a home for orphaned/abandoned girls and destitute widows by meeting their physical, spiritual and emotional needs through Christ Jesus.

For more information visit

Mathare Valley, Kenya

CCH is outworking Christ’s call to serve the poor
and the oppressed through our involvement with children in the
Mathare Valley slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

NEW Mercy Care Academy

In our commitment to engage in the social and cultural affairs of our world, Community Church supports the education of children in the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya. We believe education is a powerful tool in overcoming poverty.

We partner with those who are endeavouring to
•    Improve education quality and opportunities to children in Mathare Valley.
•    Teach and model a Biblically sound Christian way of life
•    Resource teachers
•    Develop community leaders
•    Provide food and medical care

Currently, we are working with a dedicated group of teachers and support staff in several schools who are bringing Christian teaching and God’s love and care to 300 children living in poverty who would otherwise struggle to obtain an education.

View the latest Newsletter from Mathare

Dignitas Project

CCH supports the work of Dignitas Project which also work in the Mathare Valley of Nairobi, Kenya. Dignitas Project is a non-profit organisation focused on developing passionate, ethical, and results-driven school and community leaders in underserved communities around the world. We do this because we believe that educating children means that they will stand up, speak up, ask questions and become a powerful tool in overcoming poverty and building a nation. To find out more go to

CRC World Missions

As well as the peoples and places listed above we support the wider missions work of the CRC Churches International, with giving into places such as "The Colombo Project". For more information about CRC Missions work follow the link below.