New Christians

A Personal Declaration

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Say it - Believe it - Own it!

I am my heavenly Father’s son/daughter.

I am the product of divine intention.

My Father chose me before the creation of the world.

I was conceived by the will of the Father, a creation birthed out of a perfect love union.

I am chosen, and my destiny is inscribed upon the core of my being.

In Him I live and move and have my being.

My Father loves being with me and I with Him.

I discover who I am when I gaze intently into the face of the great 'I AM'.

He speaks truth over me, because he alone knows me.

I am adored.

I am victorious.

I am a conqueror in all things.

I am royalty.

I carry the blood of Jesus in my spiritual veins.

It is my Heavenly Father’s delight to bestow upon me an abundant inheritance.

I carry the name of Jesus and have all authority to use it.

My Father gave me his Holy Spirit, my Mentor, my Friend, to teach me the ways of His Kingdom.

He is my indescribable gift, without limit or restrictions.

I am forgiven.

I am holy.

I am free.

I am abundant in life, hope and truth.

I am favoured.

I am blessed.

He is my provision.

He is my source.

I am anointed and appointed to tell the world the good news.

The power of the kingdom is my right of birth.

I am seated in heavenly places with Jesus far above all principality and power.

I live from heaven to earth.

I am a living story that is read by others, a demonstration of unceasing love.

I am a display of the wisdom, grace, and love of my Father for all to see.

I carry freedom and healing in my hands because the Healer lives in me.

I live in the joy of my Father.

All heaven shouts at my victories and cheers me on through my struggles.

I can never fail, for I am embraced in the loving arms of my Father.

He gives his angels charge over me.

He believes in me.

He knows I am His.

I know He is mine.

I am my heavenly Father’s son/daughter.