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Welcome to the CCH podcast of our Sunday preaching messages.

Please let us know if you are listening outside of the Sydney NSW area or internationally. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the messages you are listening to from CCH.

If you would like to get a previous message not currently available for download here then email with the date or preacher of the message you would like.

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Sunday Service recordings:

Date Service Title Speaker Duration Listen
10-09-2017 Red Room Trevor Murphy Part 2 Trevor Murphy 00:40:45
10-09-2017 Sunday AM Trevor Murphy Part 1 Trevor Murphy 00:51:44
03-09-2017 Red Room Simplicity Simon Bailey 00:31:43
03-09-2017 Sunday AM Father's Day Tony Morgan 00:42:18
27-08-2017 Red Room Soul Food Sam Dennis 00:26:31
27-08-2017 Sunday AM The Kingdom is a Party David Wooldridge 00:50:42
20-08-2017 Red Room Jesus is Involved Phil Miller 00:39:09
20-08-2017 Sunday AM Journey to Joy Part 3 Christine Miller 00:37:25
13-08-2017 Red Room The Hour of Humanity Josh Wengi 00:38:01
13-08-2017 Sunday AM Journey to Joy Part 2 Christine Miller 00:49:04
06-08-2017 Red Room Bring Heaven to Earth Josh Wengi 00:43:11
06-08-2017 Sunday AM Journey to Joy Part 1 Christine Miller 00:45:30
30-07-2017 Sunday AM God draws near to us Josh Wengi 00:44:56
23-07-2017 Red Room Are you tired? Tom Hudson 00:27:44
23-07-2017 Sunday AM Drinking from the Spirit Peter Burns 00:46:56
23-07-2017 Sunday AM Speaking Life Peter Burns 00:39:19
09-07-2017 Red Room Illogical Love Sam Dennis 00:36:24
09-07-2017 Sunday AM Soaked in Peace Peter Burns 00:40:04
02-07-2017 Red Room What are you Carrying? Simon Bailey 00:27:39
02-07-2017 Sunday AM Redirecting our Will Peter Burns 00:24:09
25-06-2017 Red Room The Lord's House Josh Wengi 00:38:10
25-06-2017 Sunday AM Generosity Ian Miller 00:50:35
18-06-2017 Sunday AM Creativity Christine Miller 00:47:23
11-06-2017 Red Room Family Dinner Josh Wengi 00:23:03
11-06-2017 Sunday AM Welcome to the Family Ian Miller 00:50:11
09-07-2017 Red Room Overcoming Fear Josh Wengi 0:44:06
04-06-2017 Sunday AM The Journey of CCH Ian Miller 00:45:47
28-05-2017 Red Room Loving a Heavenly Dad Monique Burns 00:31:49
28-05-2017 Sunday AM Step into Your Journey Peter Burns 0046:16
21-05-2017 Red Room Prepare for Rain Sam Dennis 00:37:00
21-05-2017 Sunday AM Sympathetic Resonance Peter Burns 00:47:05
14-05-2017 Red Room Do you pray like it matters? Simon Bailey 00:39:34
14-05-2017 Sunday AM Quantum Worship Peter Burns 00:51:51
07-05-2017 Red Room Deeper Individually Sam Dennis 00:42:14
07-05-2017 Sunday AM Kairos Moments Peter Burns 00:46:35
30-04-2017 Red Room Drinking from the Lord Richie Seltzer 1:16:09
30-04-2017 Sunday AM A Gospel of Mercy Richie Seltzer 00:52:05
23-04-2017 Red Room In love with a God who is Good Josh Wengi 00:29:13
23-04-2017 Sunday AM God's Masterpiece Tony Morgan 00:42:55
16-04-2017 Sunday AM It started with Him Ian Miller 00:27:15
09-04-2017 Red Room He Wants more than Your Money Josh Wengi 00:42:53
09-04-2017 Sunday AM He is more than Enough Peter Burns 00:48:38
02-04-2017 Red Room Jesus is worth it all Josh Wengi 00:51:31
02-04-2017 Sunday AM Your value is Essential Peter Burns 00:39:35
26-03-2017 Red Room Name of Names Ian Miller 00:47:45
26-03-2017 Sunday AM Starts With Faith Ian Miller 00:43:19
19-03-2017 Red Room Knowing God Tom Hudson 00:36:26
19-03-2017 Sunday AM A Holy City Ian Miller 00:41:46
12-03-2017 Red Room The Barbarian Faith Sam Dennis 00:40:20
12-03-2017 Sunday AM Just Say Yes Peter Burns 00:46:55
05-03-2017 Red Room The Key to a Successful Journey Simon Bailey 00:46:14
05-03-2017 Sunday AM Say Yes Ian Miller 00:40:28
26-02-2017 Red Room He Hasn't Failed Me Yet Peter Burns 00:41:11
26-02-2017 Sunday AM The Fast Ends Ian Miller 00:37:52
19-02-2017 Red Room Are you ready for Battle? Sam Dennis 00:50:49
19-02-2017 Sunday AM More than Conquerors Bill Vasilakis 00:50:40
12-02-2017 Red Room Fuel for your Fast Josh Wengi 00:39:42
12-02-2017 Sunday AM Get Refueled Peter Burns 00:42:32
05-02-2017 Red Room A Desire for Purity Simon Bailey 00:46:40
05-02-2017 Sunday AM Fasting to Feasting Josh Wengi 00:45:15
29-01-2017 Red Room A Masterpiece in His hand Josh Wengi 00:42:32
29-01-2017 Sunday AM Living for God's Agenda Peter Burns 00:39:42
22-01-2017 Red Room Wildcats Return Sam Dennis 0:18:52
22-01-2017 Sunday AM God has More Ian Miller 0:54:39
15-01-2017 Red Room Glorifying God and Enjoying Him Forever Bethany Wengi 00:27:58
15-01-2017 Sunday AM Remain in Me Ian Miller 0:46:42
08-01-2017 Sunday AM Church Identity Ian Miller 01:09:25
18-12-2016 Sunday AM Unending Kingdom Ian Miller 0:57:39
18-12-2016 Red Room Presence in Community Josh Wengi 0:45:08
11-12-2016 Sunday AM Into The World Ian Miller 00:56:39
04-12-2016 Red Room Stillness Is Essential Simon Bailey 0:48:13
04-12-2016 Sunday AM God with Us Ian Miller 00:51:34
27-11-2016 Red Room Thanksgiving Josh Wengi 0:56:26
20-11-2016 Red Room Loving others like Jesus Sam Dennis 0:37:21
20-11-2016 Sunday AM But God Christine Miller 0:34:15
13-11-2016 Sunday AM God's gift Tony Morgan 0:44:56
13-11-2016 Red Room Family in the Church Sam Dennis 0:42:33
06-11-2016 Red Room A Journey of Thanks Monique Burns 0:41:24
06-11-2016 Sunday AM Don't miss what God is doing Peter Burns 0:45:40
30-10-2016 Sunday AM How hungry are you? Peter Burns 0:52:25
30-10-2016 Red Room Baptisms Peter Burns 0:20:42
23-10-2016 Red Room Lukewarm Christianity Sam Dennis 0:38:16
23-10-2016 Sunday AM Interactive Preaching David Wooldridge 1:06:27
09-10-2016 Red Room The First Church - Part 3 Josh Wengi 0:43:03
02-10-2016 Red Room The First Church - Part 2 Josh Wengi 0:45:45
02-10-2016 Sunday AM Jesus gives Power and Authority Ian Miller 0:49:13
25-09-2016 Red Room The First Church - Part 1 Josh Wengi 0:42:39
25-09-2016 Sunday AM Authority and Power Ian Miller 0:54:10
18-09-2016 Red Room What is the Gospel? Ian Miller 0:58:47
18-09-2016 Sunday AM What is Church Peter Burns 0:43:37
04-09-2016 Sunday AM The Law of our Mind Christine Miller 0:44:14
04-09-2016 Red Room God is Huge Sam Dennis 0:41:04
28-08-2016 Red Room Foundations August 28th Ian Miller 0:39:01
28-08-2016 Sunday AM Foundations August 28th Ian Miller 0:36:39
21-08-2016 Sunday AM Foundations August 21st Ian Miller 0:39:29
21-08-2016 Red Room Close to god Josh Wengi 0:46:52
14-08-2016 Sunday AM Foundations August 14th Ian Miller 0:44:06
07-08-2016 Red Room Living for something Bigger Ian Miller 0:44:50
07-08-2016 Sunday AM Citizenship in Heaven Ian Miller 0:53:05
31-07-2016 Red Room His Spirit lives in us Ian Miller 0:54:15
31-07-2016 Sunday AM Denomination to Apostleship Peter Burns 0:45:35
24-07-2016 Sunday AM Living out of Time Peter Burns 00:39:33
24-07-2016 Red Room Living from the Cross Sam Dennis 00:35:51
17-07-2016 Red Room Kings after my heart David Morgan 00:41:18
10-07-2016 Sunday AM Foundation of Apostolic and Prophetic Peter Burns 0:45:45
10-07-2016 Red Room Fear Not part 2 Simon Bailey 00:39:52
03-07-2016 Red Room Fear Not part 1 Simon Bailey 0:37:43
03-07-2016 Sunday AM Celebration Covers the Cost David Wooldridge 0:42:47
26-06-2016 Sunday AM Celebration Releases Compassion David Wooldridge 0:37:43
19-06-2016 Red Room You Are Not a Victim Sam Dennis 0:33:56
19-06-2016 Sunday AM A New Song Ian Miller 0:28:07
12-06-2016 Red Room You are amazing Peter Burns 0:45:15
12-06-2016 Sunday AM The spirit of fear Ian Miller 0:51:07
05-06-2016 Red Room There is freedom in the spirit of the lord Ian Miller 0:36:48
05-06-2016 Sunday AM What are you worth? Ian Miller 0:25:39
29-05-2016 Sunday AM Leaning in Peter Burns 0:49:02
29-05-2016 Red Room His Yoke is Easy His Burden is Light Simon Bailey 0:38:31
22-05-2016 Red Room God doesn't Change Simon Bailey 0:41:23
22-05-2016 Sunday AM A Spiritual Inheritance Peter Burns 1:01:36
15-05-2016 Sunday AM Seeing through God's Eyes Ian Miller 0:52:37
08-05-2016 Sunday AM It's not about a Place Ian Miller 0:41:13
01-05-2016 Sunday AM Restoring Faith David Wooldridge 0:49:46
24-04-2016 Sunday AM The Good News Richie Seltzer 0:50:43
17-04-2016 Sunday AM Intimacy With God (incomplete recording) Ian Miller 0:35:07
10-04-2016 Sunday AM The Wilderness Experience Ian Miller 0:46:34
03-04-2016 Sunday AM Let Your Vision Grow Peter Burns 0:42:15
27-03-2016 Sunday AM This Changes Everything Tony Morgan 0:37:17