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Welcome to the CCH podcast of our Sunday preaching messages.

Please let us know if you are listening outside of the Sydney NSW area or internationally. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the messages you are listening to from CCH.

If you would like to get a previous message not currently available for download here then email with the date or preacher of the message you would like.

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Date Service Title Speaker Duration Listen
21-04-2019 Sunday AM Jesus lives in me Christine Miller 00:45:46
21-04-2019 Special Event Good Friday 2019 Ian Miller 00:30:01
07-04-2019 Sunday AM The church of Antioch and Barnabas Tony Morgan 00:46:33
31-03-2019 Sunday AM Goodbye Peter and Monique Burns Peter Burns 00:27:44
17-03-2019 Sunday AM Mercy triumphs sacrifice Josh Wengi 00:52:27
17-03-2019 Sunday AM All things to all people Josh Wengi 00:39:41
10-03-2019 Sunday AM Kingdom is Family Ian Miller 00:51:42
03-03-2019 Sunday AM Father the Fatherless Ian Miller 01:00:09
24-02-2019 Sunday AM We have to remember our father Ian Miller 00:53:24
10-02-2019 Sunday AM Promises Ian Miller 00:50:36
24-04-2019 Sunday AM New Leadership Ian Miller, Tony Morgan, Peter Burns & Josh Wengi 00:48:10
20-01-2019 Sunday AM Jars of Clay Ian Miller 00:53:10
13-01-2019 Sunday AM Daily Cornerstone Christine Miller 00:45:43
30-12-2018 Sunday AM Get Ready for 2019 Ian Miller 00:43:53
23-12-2018 Sunday AM Christmas 2018 Ian Miller 00:04:22
16-12-2018 Sunday AM Suddenly Ian Miller 00:45:04
09-12-2018 Sunday AM News Ian and Christine Miller 00:43:53
18-11-2018 Sunday AM The year of our yes Phil Miller 00:43:55
11-11-2018 Sunday AM If I am says I am then I am Ian Miller 00:58:44
28-10-2018 Sunday AM Show me who you are Josh Wengi 00:47:42
21-10-2018 Sunday AM It's all about Grace Christine Miller 00:45:40
14-10-2018 Sunday AM The Year of Yes Ian Miller 00:52:06
07-10-2018 Sunday AM Identity Releases Purpose Ian Miller 00:59:54
30-09-2018 Sunday AM Made for his Mission Noddy Sharma 00:53:02
23-09-2018 Sunday AM Core Values Peter Burns 00:46:00
16-09-2018 Sunday AM Are you ready for the Rain? Peter Burns 00:45:51
09-09-2018 Sunday AM Obstacles into Opportunities Jade Lewis 00:57:00
02-09-2018 Sunday AM Ears to Hear Josh Wengi 00:45:00
26-08-2018 Sunday AM Double Doors of Destiny Ian Miller 01:01:55
19-08-2018 Sunday AM Relationship with God Christine Miller 00:37:11
12-08-2018 Sunday AM Take Your Place Ian Miller 00:55:31
05-08-2018 Sunday AM Spending time with Jesus Ian Miller 00:53:59
29-07-2018 Sunday AM Say the Word Phil & Annelie Miller 00:41:40
22-07-2018 Sunday AM When You Pray Peter Burns 00:46:30
15-07-2018 Sunday AM Commanded the Blessing Peter Burns 00:41:35
08-07-2018 Red Room Goodbye Redroom Josh Wengi 00:46:59
08-07-2018 Sunday AM Parenting the Supernatural Peter Burns 00:50:05
01-07-2018 Red Room Help Me Love Phil Miller 00:36:29
01-07-2018 Sunday AM Heart of Evangelism Rodger Hartley 00:25:46