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Here Am I - Send Me

Here Am I - Send Me

Here am I - Send me! provides a touchstone for contemporary and relevant evangelism. Set within a devotional framework, Ian Miller shows clearly and powerfully how the message of salvation can be presented in everyday circumstances. For evangelists and non-evangelists alike, this book provides a resource that will change the spiritual climate of all who put it into practice.

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The book will also be on sale at our Ministry Centre.

Rediscovering the Supernatural

Rediscovering the Supernatural

A new book from Pastor Ian Miller explores the power of the Spirit to transform individuals and congregations.

Rediscovering the Supernatural is essential reading for everyone involved in Spirit filled ministry in the 21st century. Pastor Ian Miller writes with honesty, insight and passion about the transformation of individuals and congregations that occurs when we open ourselves to the leading of God’s Spirit. Set within the story of his congregation’s experience of ministry, the author explores what is possible when we trust the Holy Spirit in this powerful book which is destined to become a classic of contemporary ministry.


The book will also be on sale at our Ministry Centre.

A Matter of Choice

A Matter of choice - set free in the sovereignty of god

Pastor Ian Miller explors the Sovereignty of God.

Good and Evil, Life and Death, Joy and Suffering…
In a world of contrasts, how are we to understand God’s involvement in the human condition? Why doesn’t he interfere and make life more tolerable for the millions, even billions, who suffer needlessly?
Predestination, the Sovereignty of God, free will. Are all things set in concrete or can we influence the trajectory of human history? The journey these imposing questions take us on paradoxically ushers us into a world of freedom – a world of joyful celebration in God’s creative genius.

Discussion Paper

Understanding Sexuality Through a Theological Lens

Understanding Sexuality Through a Theological Lens

In our current political climate, same-sex relationship attracts a lot of attention in our community and it is becoming increasingly important for Christians to know how to respond. Unfortunately, many have a prooftext approach that degenerates into a verbal debate over what the Bible may or may not say. This often only serves to expel people from feeling the acceptance that is offered to them in the Gospel. We need to understand why God is concerned about our sexuality at all.


Conference 2015 USB

Empowered Conference 2015 with guests speakers Richie Seltzer and Thomas Knecht was awesome!

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Bible Study Series

Each has a DVD and Bible study guidebook(s).

Empowered – How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

We were designed to live life full of the Spirit of God. Yet so many of us live far short of that potential. It’s like we’re V8 cars with 2 stroke mower engines. In this series, Empowered, you will learn what it means to be filled with the Spirit, and so open a whole new dimension in your life of faith, wonder, exploration and seeking after God.

Empowered is hosted by Ian Miller, Senior Pastor of Community Church Hornsby. The team at CCH has created this series to help you rise to become the person you were created to be, full of the Spirit and passion, empowered to be effective in your service for Jesus.

What is Love? - How Do We Make It work?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood character traits of God is his love; it can just sound all so sentimental and weak for those unfamiliar with his radical nature. In this series, Love, you will be confronted by the counter-cultural power of God’s love, and forced to reappraise how you interact with the world around you.

The Love series is design to help you rise to a whole new level of personal effectiveness in all your relationships.

Spiritual Health – It’s Your Call

In four short lessons, learn how to develp the right kind of habits that will empower you to take control of your inner life. Habits are important, but not quickly formed. In this series, you will learn practical ways to release the spiritual dimension of your life.

Spiritual Health: It’s Your Call was created to help you rise to become the person you were created to be and to adopt a lifestyle that will transform the world around you.

Evangelism and discipleship booklets.


This booklet is full of great teaching and practicals as a guide for 40 days of prayer and fasting. Ps. Ian Miller unpacks the concept of 'New Testament fasting', centered around celebration, feasting on and growing in intimacy with God.

The practicals include guidelines for fasting, scripture, prayers, declarations and worship playlist ideas.


tell me more

Tell Me More - About Jesus, the Bible, Church and Faith

At CCH we do everything we can to make sure that the message about Jesus is presented in ways that are intelligible to 21st century people. This book was born out of a desire to offer something to the person who was asking questions about faith, trying to work out whether it was relevant for their life or not.

If you are asking that sort of question yourself then you are exactly the person for whom this book is written. The hope and prayer of the author, Pastor Ian Miller, is that God will answer a lot of your questions and speak to you directly through these pages.

Available also in Farsi and Chinese languages

Footsteps – Following Jesus on the Journey of a Lifetime

Wanting to follow Jesus is the most brilliant desire that you will ever have the joy of exploring. But it doesn't happen automatically. Some people give their lives to Christ in a simple prayer and then get disapppointed when things don't start changing straight away.

Senior Pastor Ian Miller has written his book to help you grab hold of all that Jesus has for you. This book has a lot of information but information is not where Jesus is at. Jesus is a person - not a doctrine. He is to be experienced... to have relationship with!

Baptism Booklet


What is baptism? Who should be baptised and why?
This short booklet explains the purpose and significance of Jesus' followers being baptised and the practicals of how we baptise people at CCH. 



Worship CDs



Music and worship have always been a core part of CCH. Exploring what it means to worship God “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23) has been a journey from the earliest days of the church and we continue it to this day, both as individuals and as the Body of Christ.

In some senses this album has been over 20 years in the making, with many people influencing and contributing to the sound and style. This recording comes as an overflow of what Jesus has done and is doing among us. The songs may come from individuals, but together they form an image of our church’s experience of God.



Position is a calling. It’s standing firm on the foundation of Christ to impact the communities around us. It’s the victory cry from the hearts of CCH Youth, on fire and ready to make a difference. It’s so much more than a bunch of songs cut to CD; it’s a war cry. Our war cry. Our prayer is that you will make it your war cry too.

The Race - Solid Rock Kids Praise


5 great kids praise and worship songs. Full of energy, enthusiasm and great lessons for following Jesus.

Drama Scripts

Over the years we have been blessed with some very creative people to create some fantastic dramas to illustrate God's message to us. These are available here for you to use.

Some important hints:

  • Some dramas will require you to make changes to suit your congregation and style of service. We encourage you to do so without losing the integrity of the script.
  • The dramas were all written to direct people towards the upcoming sermon.
  • The dramas were intended to be performed immediately prior to the sermon.
  • The dramas don’t always give the answer to the questions posed; that’s left for the preacher to address.
  • All dramas were written with minimal props required and limited room on stage.

Who Do You Say I Am

Kids and Communication

Tackling the Forwards