New Christians

Welcome to God's Family!

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What is life with Jesus all about?


4-step journey to peace

Take this four-step journey to peace with God.
Then pray to accept Him into your life.


FurthEr Resources

We have written two booklets specially designed to help you through the first stages of life with Jesus. 
They are available at our services and ministry centre. 

Tell Me More - About Jesus, the Bible, Church and Faith

This book was born out of a desire to offer something to the person who is asking questions about faith, trying to work out whether it is relevant for their life. If you are asking questions about God, then you are exactly the person for whom this book is written. Available also in Farsi and Chinese.

Footsteps – Following Jesus on the Journey of a Lifetime

Wanting to follow Jesus is the most brilliant desire that you will ever have the joy of exploring. But it doesn't happen automatically. Some people give their lives to Christ in a simple prayer and then get disappointed when things don't start changing straight away.

This book will help you grab hold of all that Jesus has for you. It is a book about Jesus, not Church doctrine. Jesus is to be experienced... to have relationship with!

Any Questions?

If you have questions, why not talk to someone?

If you have a Christian friend, they would love to hear that you are interested in finding out more.
Contact our the church office 02 9482 2479.