New Christians

A declaration of home and family

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Why do we have membership?

At CCH, we treat all people the same. Whether someone is a longtime member, recently joined, or just visiting – they can access all the helps and benefits that our church provides. Yet we do have a signed membership. This is open for all who have invited Jesus into their life, love the vision and ministry of our church, are 16 or over, and aren’t practising members of another church. So why membership?

  • Declaring that CCH is our spiritual home
    When we publicly take out membership, we are declaring to everyone, “This is my spiritual family.” We’re proud to call CCH our church home and we’re not ashamed to let everyone know.
  • Allowing the church to celebrate
    When people declare membership, it gives the whole church the chance to celebrate that God is increasing our number week by week. This is an exciting family to belong to.
  • Conducting business as a legal entity
    It is necessary in NSW for churches to have a legal identity to conduct business, open bank accounts, etc. CCH is constituted under the NSW Incorporated Associations Act. This carries the need to have a formal membership.

Are you a Member of CCH?

Is this your church home?
Have you declared that before the rest of the church?
Let the church celebrate you being part of our wonderful CCH family of faith.

How do I become a Member?

Fill out the online membership application (see below).
We will arrange for one of our Pastors to meet with you.
After that, your application will be forwarded to the Elders for approval.

Welcome to the Family!

Click here for Membership Application