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A place of belonging for everyone

At CCH there are opportunites for everyone to connect, to grow, to serve and become an active member and part of the family. Whether you are single, a couple, a family, young adult, empty-nester or retiree there is a place for you at CCH.

Events Calendar

Upcoming important dates

KickStart Kids

Check out our kids programs:
KickStart Sunday in our Sunday morning service
N2Y (Friday afternoons at Storey Park, Asquith)
KickStart Holiday Programmes

Youth - CCH Wildcats

Friday nights at The Bridge
For yrs 7 – 12 from 7:30-930 pm

Young Adults



Women's small group, activities and events



For all things male - small groups, outings and gatherings

Small Groups

Friendship, Bible study, prayer & encouragement

Music Ministry

Worship and creative team

English Classes

Learn English at any level


Find your joy and fulfilment in using your gifts and abilities to serve Jesus’ church

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